Collective Office


How do you want to live, where would you like to work? Can a different environment motivate people? Are you attached to brands, what about space?


Collective Office was created 1998 as Idea Atelier Incorporated in Toronto, Canada. The architectural design and brand strategy practice has built residential and commercial projects in Toronto and the surrounding communities. The practice was moved to Chicago in 2004, where it has been re-branded Collective Office, where it is currently building projects in Illinois, Michigan, Virginia and Canada.

Residential projects are client centered and project specific. Design and management of each project is tailored to the client. Individual projects begin with an organization of spatial concepts then developed to the clients needs and requirements. This is a detail-oriented process-driven method of project delivery.

Commercial projects begin with a series of studies to determine the clients needs and requirements closely linked to a budget. The project connects the clients identity with the workplace, creating branded space - providing what is necessary to promote the company and strengthen the spatial environment.


Collective operates within the limits of our clients. We generally analyze our projects across the following array of services, tailoring a solution for each project.

  • Architecture
  • Interior Architecture
  • Designed Objects
  • Branded Environments
  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Development