Collective Office


Collective Office began designing products in 2001 with the Cube Shelving System. We followed this with a number of other ideas, some of which we are polishing for launch. Others are still in development and testing. We are relentless with our pursuit for perfection with our work, and attempt to achieve this with every product.

Our objectives have always been twofold. Firstly, projects for us hatch out when we are not satisfied with solutions to needs in our culture. We see this as an opportunity for improvement, this is one starting point for our products. Secondly, we focus on needs that cross between home, office, and retail markets. These two primary objectives allow us to the framework for exploration and creativity. 

Collective Office is adding our products for all to see, to put it out there that we are constantly developing ideas for products in the back room and want to bring this work forward. We also have designed products specifically for our clients when the opportunity presents itself. 


We approach making things in systems. We begin our product investigations with research and societal observation. Meaning, when existing products can achieve our needs or requirements, we start fresh with the objective to make new ideas that have the ability to achieve these requirements. We believe that products are best when they are created to achieve a broad application, meaning we try to make product lines, where we continue to research and make extensions to make the application of our products farther reaching. Facilitate cross-over use. We focus on projects for residential, commercial, and office clients. We approach all product investigations with the objective to be applicable in all these markets. Custom products. We have the ability to design solutions.  


1. Research.  Find opportunities or gaps within our cultural extent. 

2. Assessment.  We push things until they break. And then we make new things that won't break. 

3. Design.  We design until we know we will be successful. 

4. Prototypes.   

5. Market Testing.   

6. Delivery.