Collective Office


What consulting means at Collective Office and how we go about it.  Branded Space is the infusion of your identity into your physical and digital space. This aspect of our process provides another layer of iterative analysis - of the client. We are well equipped to develop new brands from the ground up, to reinvent existing brands, and to work with existing brands. Your brand is your company’s strongest asset in today’s market of highly connected, visually driven clients. A strong brand has become a necessity in the marketplace - largely responsible for client behavior, purchasing patterns, separation from competition, and client loyalty. Creating physical space - retail, commercial, office, even residential - contains your employees and caters to your clients. We recognize that building, and maintaining a physical presence in your markets involves a large amount of energy, capital and time. We believe that there are immense opportunities in tailoring your space for your people. By tailoring your physical space, we infuse your brand and identity into the Architecture creating an experience that is unique to you. This means prescribing colors, textures, furniture & custom furniture, graphics, designed elements, spatial concepts, programmatic responses, and anything that is specific to your way of business and your clients and employees needs. We believe that clients respond best to space that is not generic in nature but purposeful, and that employees produce and respond best in Branded Space also. 

Methodology.  Our Strategy process generally includes 5 phases. These phases are: Quantify; Analyze; Interpret; Synthesize and Recommend. Quantifying finds the data for your project; Analyzing makes information from your data; Synthesizing layers your information into an organizations; Interpreting, positions the results compared to your current company baseline; Recommending delivers your information in useful patterns. 

Through this process, we will create ScoreCards for each market area. These summaries will allow you to compare one market against each other, seeing all relevant information up front and clearly presented. This information is displayed graphically as graphs, maps and charts for each market with the corresponding analytic data as a separate appendix document.

1. Quantify: Finding your data.  

In this phase we will research and gather extensive relevant, appropriate and current data. This data will define the potential markets or subject that is the focus of the research. This data will represent internal and external factors for the client. The objective of this phase is to gain all appropriate data in order to push this data through the remaining phases of our process.

2. Analyze: Making your data into information.   

This phase is the first step in making raw data understandable by separation into layers. We sort, match, link, and separate through empirical and actual observation for the purposes of distilling into useful layers. 

3. Synthesize: Organizing this information. 

Using the layers created in the Analysis phase to explore connections, through comparison and contrasting; problem and solution; cause and effect; and classification to make new conclusions. We are looking for inferring relationships, new ideas, foci, and perspective with your information. 

4. Interpret: Layering these organizations.  

Distillation of all Synthesized ideas into a series of applicable notions for the client objectives. 

5. Recommend: Making concise conclusions. 

The making of a specific conclusive document or interface for the purposes of reading your information. This document is tailored to the client individual needs. 

Our deliverable for these project are highly tailored to each client's needs. We offer to make a Master Plan as a starting point, which is a single document containing all ScoreCards, summary analytics. The ScoreCard is a highly graphic and written summary for each market that is tailored to the nature of the project needs. The ScoreCard is designed to be an effective tool for future planing with respect to growth; leadership; marketing; product development; etc…