Collective Office

Brand Design

Your brand is your reputation, your moral code and your value system. It’s what you’re made of and what you represent.  It’s your project and your space. It's your company’s DNA.

“Dynamic brands are built by shaping clear messages that resonate with your audience and by creating platforms for conversation.”

Dynamic brands are built by shaping clear messages by creating platforms for conversations with audiences. Brand thinking is integral to creating great architecture and creating cultural memory. We are branding experts with more than a decade of experience helping our clients define and love of their story. We help create intention with communication, by building the love around who they are and what they do. 

Collective Office provides the following services:

  • Design planning & implementation;  
  • Analysis & synthesis of design;  
  • User observation;  
  • Prototyping methods;   
  • Experience modeling; 
  • Communication strategies; 
  • Human experience; 
  • Interactive design.